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2018 Reformulations & Discontinuations

Posted by Hayley on

Okay, my little bees, there's the skinny: 

Every few years, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) updates its standards for safe use, the benchmark of the fragrance industry. With each update, the industry recalibrates its practices to reflect the most recent research regarding component safety & acceptable usage rates. Trickling down, this means that my fragrance oil suppliers regularly retool their formulas to comply with these standards. We had a pretty big update this last round, & most of my suppliers have applied the new rates, so we've seen a lot of reformulating happen at a vendor level. Some fragrances have been discontinued altogether; some have been reformulated to comply with the new guidelines.

What this means for PBSW is that a LOT of the fragrance oils I use on the regular have been changed, or are gone altogether. We saw the beginnings of that last year, but thanks to dwindling back stock & bumper PBSW sales, I'm coming down to the last of several original-formula components.

Adding to the mayhem is the aftermath of the BASF fire. BASF is one of the main global manufacturers of citral and isoprenol-based aroma ingredients, leading several of my vendors scrambling to reformulate a huge portion of their fragrance catalog to work around the shortage. I've stocked up as much as possible on the components affected, & hopefully have enough on hand to carry us through until the industry recovers, but it is likely that some will be out of stock before then.

So, I've dug through my notes & compiled an initial list of PBSW blends that will be affected; more blends will likely be added as the year progresses. Some discontinuations are unavoidable, as are some reformulations; others are on the potential lists, but I won't know until I've done more research & testing of replacement components.

I'll do my very best to keep everyone informed as to stock quantities & predicted sell-out dates. Meanwhile, if there's a PBSW blend that you just can't live without, now might be a good time to stock up...

As always, please get in touch via email, FB or Twitter if you have any questions or concerns <3



Confirmed Discontinuations:

The Bees' Lament (estimated OOS by early 2019)

Crimson & Clover (estimated OOS by early 2019)

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (estimated OOS by early 2019)

Confirmed Reformulations:

Whiskers (new formulation in stock by August 2018)

Blackbird (new formulation in stock by August 2018)


Afternoons + Eiderdowns (estimated OOS by early 2019)


Sweet Cheeks

The Fusilier

The Englishman


The White Rose of York


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