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The Table is Always There: Real Talk with Lucy Bellwood

Posted by Hayley on

One of the absolute best perks of MakerLife(tm) is getting to meet other amazing Makers, & one of my favorite is the incandescent Lucy Bellwood, adventure cartoonist, part time Muppet, & overall spectacular human being.

Lucy & I sat down for a real & rambling chat a few weeks ago about Benedictine labor, code switching, from-not-of syndrome, & a whole lot more

CW: there are sweary words used, & our second half gets really personal, including pregnancy & abortion, so listen at your discretion.

From the PBSW Archives: She Blinded Me With Science, or Is My Lotion Really Going to Give Me Cancer?

Originally published January 13, 2016:Working on a tiny midwinter update & doing some light reading

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From the PBSW Archives: 20K Gold, or How I Sold a Truly Ridiculous Amount of Soap on Etsy, or The Part Where She Bangs on the Table A Lot

Originally published July 25, 2015:Well, kids, here it is, the day I hit 20 THOUSAND sales in my Etsy shop!What.The.HECK.When I opened my shop 5 1/2 years ago, I never expected to sell more than a few bars of soap, let alone quit my day job & build an empire. But, thanks to some major [...]

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From the PBSW Archives: Hanging out with How I Pinch a Penny!

Originally published September 23, 2014:My friend Sarah, the tireless force of nature behind How I Pinch a Penny, invited me to her couch to talk all things Etsy, self employment, micro business and more! Check out two smart women talking shop & working the jazz hands!

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From the PBSW Archives: Selling out without selling out

Originally published September 3, 2014:So hey, I just wanted to publicly thank everyone for what is amounting to a a batshit INSANE opening week to the 2014 Weenie season. Seriously, that’s a whole lot of soap, & I am incredibly grateful for your enthusiasm & support!I also wanted to apologize for the speed at which [...]

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From the PBSW Archives: A word on FDA regulations, or Why I Can’t Cure Your Pentapox…

Originally published June 14, 2012:Buckle in, kids, this post’s a heavy one…Some of you may remember my venting a bit on Twitter a few weeks ago about trying to help a fellow seller navigate the waters of FDA regulations. Ultimately, it was wasted effort – the seller in question decided to ignore my advice – [...]

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From the PBSW Archives: We got Green!

Originally published April 27, 2012:The weather gods were more than kind last weekend, making this year’s Go Green in the City festival a bright, sunny success! This was my first public festival, and I owe a ton of thanks to my tireless friends & family who helped me set up & stay calm… Matt & [...]

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From the PBSW Archives: So, What’s This Hot Process Thing?

Originally published February 1, 2012:As many of you know, I’ve been working on my hot process soap formula for the past few months. It’s finally ready to see the light of day, & I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been asked a lot of questions during development, so here’s a quick Q&A to slightly demystify [...]

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From the PBSW Archives: Avast!

Originally published July 26, 2011:I find it more than a little bittersweet that I launched a scent inspired by my love of reading just as the sun began to set on one of the giants of retail books. For those of you who missed the press releases, Borders will be closing its remaining stores by [...]

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