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Soap & books & books & soap!

Posted by Hayley on

As a lot of you probably know, I LOVE BOOKS. LOVE. THEM. I also love authors! Especially authors who write awesome female characters having swashbuckling magical adventures

Last year the amazing Tristan J. Tarwater & I teamed up to do a special soap in celebration of volume 1 of her fantasy series, Hen & Chick. It's a fabulous tale of self identity, motherhood & magic, a great summer read for young people & grown ups. Snag a copy, or download the audio book here, & look for surprise glycerin samples of my H&C-exclusive soap Marauders' Island in your orders this month! A swirl of incense & exotic spices over lush coconut, salty sea air, and bright passionfruit...

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​Reformulation alert! Woot woot!

As most of you are probably aware, I source my lotion base from a fantastic west coast manufacturer - I do this mainly because, working out of my home, I'm unable to get my production space lab-sterile, & cross contamination during lotion making is nothing to joke about. Also, product consistency is sexy Earlier this [...]

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The Black Hound of Holiday Madness

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! While the turkey is defrosting & the pies are being planned, let's talk about what's undoubtedly on a lot of people's minds this week: Black Friday!The long & the short of it is this:No, there will be no gobsmackingly huge Black Friday discounts, sales, or coupon codes at PBSW. There never are.If [...]

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Every scent has a story... Welcome to Paintbox Soapworks!

It all began with a dare, from a tribe of Imaginary Internet Friends. Back in 2009, I was a retired pastry chef languishing at a desk job, finding solace in an online community dedicated to esoteric perfumes. I made a tiny batch of glycerin soap with some of my unused perfume oils, & then did [...]

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