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Every scent has a story... Welcome to Paintbox Soapworks!

Posted by The High Saponatrix on

It all began with a dare, from a tribe of Imaginary Internet Friends. Back in 2009, I was a retired pastry chef languishing at a desk job, finding solace in an online community dedicated to esoteric perfumes. I made a tiny batch of glycerin soap with some of my unused perfume oils, & then did what you do when you have Imaginary Internet Friends: I cut my soap into tiny slivers & sent it all over the world.

5+ years later, I've quit the day job & get to spend my days in vinyl gloves & a particle mask, covered in mango butter & stinking of patchouli. It's a pretty sweet gig, I have to say.

Paintbox Soapworks began with my signature Paintbox Collections - five little sample soaps lined up in a glossy box, like a brand new set of watercolor paints. I am a sucker for new paint sets. So much possibility, waiting for a little water to be set free.

While I love my glycerin soaps & the jewel-like colors they take on, my true love is soaping from scratch. The combination of artistry, chemistry & brute force makes me happier than a pig in a cornfield. Soapmaking has awakened my inner science dork, & I am perhaps a little too excited about things like percentages & working in metric.

I've devoted myself to formulating coconut-free soaps, thanks in part to the number of folks with coconut allergies who have crossed my path in recent years. But honestly, I do coconut-free because someone once told me it couldn't be done. And I said watch me...

The heart of my catalog, however, are my scents. I blend every single one of them myself, & you won't find anything that smells like them anywhere else. I pull heavily from pop culture, nature, books, & my own fertile imagination to create scents that transport & inspire, & smell pretty damn good.

What does this mean for you? Beautiful colors, spectacular scents, & an array of rock solid products to get you feeling fresh, soft, & ready to face whatever life throws at you. The revolution will be squeaky clean!