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From the PBSW Archives: Selling out without selling out

Posted by Hayley on

Originally published September 3, 2014:

So hey, I just wanted to publicly thank everyone for what is amounting to a a batshit INSANE opening week to the 2014 Weenie season. Seriously, that’s a whole lot of soap, & I am incredibly grateful for your enthusiasm & support!

sold out

I also wanted to apologize for the speed at which the new hot process & salt bars sold out – in some cases, within 24 hours of being listed. I knew you kids were excited, but I was in no way expecting things to move so quickly. A lot of you missed out on the bars that you wanted, & that’s not what I like to see.

“But Hayley!” folks have said, “Selling out’s a GOOD thing, right?” “Don’t make more right away! Let them get scared so when you do restock, it gets snapped up!” “Hey, you should put your micro batches on eBay instead, imagine what folks would pay!”

Here’s the thing: yeah, I’m running a business here, and making money is awesome. (Especially in August. Making money in August – when the tuition bill’s due – is AMAZING.) But the heart of my business is you, my customers. And I don’t ever want you to feel like I’m putting one over on you so that I can make a fast buck. That’s not what I’m here to do.

Selling out of a new product is an amazing feeling. I made a thing, a thing you’ve never tried before, & you bought ALL OF IT. RESULT! But selling out before everyone gets a decent shot at buying a bar? It’s like telling the whole class about the epic birthday party you have planned & only inviting your three best friends :/ It’s not my fault my new stuff sold so quickly… and yet it kind of is.

PBSW isn’t about impossibly hard-to-come-by products, stalking-the-update frenzies, or paying through the nose for rarities on eBay. It’s about good clean fun for everyone.And I want all of you to get to play.

As my hare-brained hobby grows closer to an established brand, it’s clear that I need to step up my game. I need to plan better, to start making bigger batches – & that’s exactly what I intend to do. Thanks for being patient while I get my head out of my ass.

I have supply orders en route, & restocks of the gone-in-a-flash batches will be in the shop by early October. Because I love you & you’re awesome, all four varieties (Cyprus, The Summer House, Rice Pudding & Smoked Salt & Pepper) will be restocked through the winter, & some may well end up in the general catalog, available year round.

Seriously, kids, I am humbled & awed by your enthusiasm for what I do, & I want to keep earning that trust & support for as long as you’ll have me. Thank you so much! ❤